Saturday, May 15, 2010

Digital Citizenship links to Hector the Dolphin videos and lesson plans for each area of Primary and middle school.

I am really getting a lot out of the ICT PD I am doing on Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety.  Digi Teen is a super site for Teenagers and it would be exciting to set up something similar with Middle or Senior level Primary kids. 

Teachers often address personal and social development through Drama and role play scenarios to protect individuals whilst educating children about being good citizens within the class.  As more and more people are sharing their thoughts, photos, work online they are creating a digital footprint which can create either an accurate profile or be misinterpreted to create the wrong impression of someone.  I was impressed with the efforts of the children involved in the gifted and talented extension group at Marina View School creating a video about text bullying and what parents can do to help their children:

I googled text bullying + vodafone and came up with this link offering  advice.

I have now just watched the Secondary Scenario and it was very chilling.  The important message to share with children is that you need to be very careful who you share your images with.  Once you have put something into an online space or shared with someone who has access to the internet you no longer control what happens to that image.  It is no longer your decision who views it or what they do with it.  I think as teachers it is our job to teach children and demonstrate how to be responsible online and preferably offer opportunities for them to experiment in a safe way.

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