Friday, June 18, 2010

Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship

After discussing the Elluminate webinar about Digital Citizenship moderated by cybersafety expert Andrew Churches and NZ Education ICT leaders (Allanah King, Jacqui Sharp, Suzie Vesper, Warren Hall) and including many other eLearning in Education experts (Sue West, Tessa Gray and Hey Milly to name just a few)with Suzie Vesper on Wednesday I returned to the wiki to access the recording of the live session and reviewed it again! I noticed this link from AllanahK to support people with tightening up their Facebook privacy settings which I did myself for reassurance, sent to all my Friends and then screenshotted to support others:

I then also took a look at The Grid, thanks Suzie, and there are loads of great resources there with lesson plans, links to appropriate sites, suggested activities for supporting the development of Digital Citizenship and encouraging Cybersafety appropriately at different year levels.

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