Monday, November 16, 2009

Hyperlinking in planning

After a request via a comment on my blog I am sharing some of what I do with hyperlinking in my planning. I find this invaluable for allowing quick, fluster-free access to files/documents when teaching. As I teach Year 0/1 the children don't have a hugely long attention span and it can get a bit tricky if they have to sit for long periods while you're searching for things in your My Docs! I link to other Word documents (e.g Lt Plans, assessment record sheets, other weekly plans such as reading and maths off my master daily plan etc), websites, Kispiration, SMART Notebook, powerpoint, images off my plan.

Above are screenshots of my weekly reading plan and the underlined words are the linked text. To do this highlight the word(s) you want to create the link on and do control 'k' or insert hyperlink for PC computers and then search for the specific document/file or copy and paste the url for an internet site.

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Belinda said...

Thanks for sharing V!