Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2 Terrific Sites for Teachers: Topmarks and Gameclassroom

If you don't know about these 2 sites yet I highly recommend you go and have a look!
The first site is:
http://www.topmarks.co.uk/ has links to learning games and interactive whiteboard resources to support learning across the Curriculum for Nursery/Kindergarten and Primary age children. There are links to games on a variety of websites which you might not be familiar with. I was introduced to, forexample, http://www.poissonrouge.com/ for early education and http://www.wmnet.org.uk/wmnet/custom/files_uploaded/uploaded_resources/850/calcbalancev3.swf for supporting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at KS1 and KS2. The site identifies activities within other sites and catelogues them for you so you don't have to visit sites individually yourself. For example I know the site http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/ well but the Topmarks site found this link for me: http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/vtc/chocolates/eng/Learningobjecti/default.htm which would support me to teach persuasive and descriptive writing with Year 6 children.

The second site is:
http://www.gameclassroom.com/ and supprts learning for Nursery/Kindergarten and Primary age children in Maths and Language/Arts.

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