Friday, April 30, 2010

Telescopic Text re Hey Milly

Thanks to Hey Milly for her post about Telescopic Text and how she has used this in her classroom to support her children to improve their writing by adding adjectives and choosing alternates for overused or in Hey Milly's classroom "wicked words". I remember when I was teaching Year 5/6 having a similar word wall for alternatives for 'said' which the children referred to during writing. This site demonstrates very effectively how writing can change dramatically with different phrases. The writing section of the site, where the children can write their own, is supported by Firefox, Safari or Chrome but does not support IE. There is a very helpful guide which explains what to do. It appears that you need to enter your text very thoughtfully because you can add adjectives or phrases to create more detail but you can't add new sentences.

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Miss Signal said...

Thanks for the link through. The students added in new sentences by just starting a new sentence after a full stop. e.g. click on the final word with the full stop, leaving that in and then adding in their sentence. Not quite sure if this is what you meant - but thought I'd share in case!
Amanda :)