Wednesday, May 5, 2010

iPod Touch and the Possibilities for Education

We have just had a very exciting session playing with the iPod touches and there has been a real buzz of discussion in the room about how these could be used in classrooms to support childrens' learning.  They are very practical because they are light, portable, easy to store.  They are very easy to use and immediately engage the user.  There are lots of different apps available and Belinda, when she was on the Apple Bus Tour in the States, saw the iPod touch being trialled one per child in a classroom.  They can be picked up and used whenever needed and then put down again!  If the children need to look up a word they pick up their iPod touch and find out then return to their writing.  Reading levels improved hugely because the children could speak into their microphone and then listen to their reading and self-evaluate.

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