Friday, June 11, 2010

Reflecting on the Digikidz Action Research Project

As my Action Research project draws to a close I am looking back and reflecting on the project goals and considering the extent to which these have been achieved. I am excited to find that everything the children and were working on together has been achieved plus after observations were completed by Belinda Johnston, Eastnet Cluster Facilitator and discussions took place amongst the Junior school teachers, additional benefits are also evident.

I wrote part of the Final Report for the project this afternoon and I am reasonably pleased with it! I am sure I will have more to add after next Wednesday when the children are running a feedback session for their parents to showcase their learning and promote conversation about the project. I am really interested to gain the parents' perspectives and even more interested to find out if they have noticed any positive changes in their child's feelings about eLearning specifically or in their general attitude/confidence/self-esteem etc.

During discussions with teachers all noted significant changes in the Digikidz. The children are more confident, regularly demonstrate initiative and leadership in the classroom, will take a risk, are more responsible, willing to try new things and respected by their peers.

I was optimistic at the beginning of the project that the results would be favourable but I am very pleased that this has indeed proven to be the case. The children rose to the challenge and have exceeded my expectations in every way.

I would like to acknowledge all the Junior school teachers at Shelly Park School for supporting me and the children and the Digikidz for all their hard work.

Now I need to prepare for my presentations at the Eastnet Cluster Expo 2010 and hopefully uLearn 2010.

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Belinda said...

When I visit the school the evidence of all your hard work is obvious! The Digikidz are amazing - they have a huge amount of confidence and knowledge. But even better I see them using their initiative to help others. You are leaving a wonderful legacy behind while you are on leave for two terms!