Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suzie Vesper visits Shelly Park School

Yesterday we had a visit from Suzie Vesper and Belinda Johnston.  It was great spending time discussing our school's progress towards completing the Final Milestone Report at the end of 2010 which marks the completion of the Eastnet Cluster we have been involved in for the last 3 years.  We re-visited the Contract Goals and discussed where next in terms of gathering evidence to support the statements we will make against each Goal for the Report and also sustainability for the rest of 2010 and beyond.

It was very interesting to me that this week in the middle and junior schools Kathy Pittaway and I are doing work which is contributing towards achieving one of the Goals which is as follows -

National Goal: Increase the school community's understanding of the education contribution of eLearning;
Cluster Goal: Parents will attend information evenings and workshops to develop an understanding of our eLearning community;
Success Indicators: Parents access and contribute to online learning environments eg KnowledgeNET, UltraNet, wikis, blogs and e-Portfolios.

The middle school are involved in online Homework related to their current inquirt about Water Conservation this week.  The task is to undertake a survey, created in Google Forms, and embedded into their Pod KnowledgeNET page then the following week to complete a Poll where they will self-assess their work using the traffic lights system.  Kathy and I plan to interview some children and ask them about how they felt about doing their Homework this way.  Then we can use this along with screenshots of the gathered data and the childrens' responses to this as evidence for the Milestone Report.

In the junior school yesterday I organised a feedback session for the Pod 1 and 2 Digikidz to share their learning with their parents and also to provide the parents with an opportunity to ask questions about the process.  The children recorded their parents' ideas using the easi-speak microphones and we will upload these, along with the photos they took using the digital cameras, into voicethread next week as a revision exercise.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the parents reported the following:

Wordle: Digikidz Feedback

The second Goal I was very interested in was:

Cluster Goal: Parents will be aware of the value of cybersafety protocols and its implications.
Success Indicators: Increased awareness of eLearning issues and cybersafety requirements.

I am interested in this at the moment because of my upcoming session with the BOT and skype conversation with Suzanne Barr about the possibility of participating in the Super Clubs Plus pilot in Years 4, 5 and 6.


Belinda said...

Isn't it great when things so this well. You are doing something authentic and it also covers your assessment/evidence without being contrived! So often it doesn't work out this way and we end up gathering evidence as an extra, or worse, after the fact! You go girl!

Amanda Signal said...

It's such a great process you guys are going through. Kathy and you have put in a lot of time and effort into developing these practices - you are a goldmine of ideas and energy with ICT. It sounds like your work with the Digikidz has made a big difference to the confidence of the students - which is fantastic!

Suzie Vesper said...

You clearly have a very good handle on what is required and as Belinda says, it is great that this aligns so clearly with what is in the best interests of the school as well. Thanks for being so welcoming during the cluster visit! I've enjoyed reading through your other blog posts as well - so much to share in here.