Monday, May 30, 2011

Glow Developments

Well it's been a very long time in between posts on this blog although I have been very busy eLearning-wise since I last blogged!

We are getting ready for a Global Citizenship focus week at school where each class will compare schools in Scotland with schools in other countries.  I immediately thought of New Zealand and set about contacting friends and asking if we could skype to share information.  Unfortunately I hit a snag when I discovered it's not possible to skype in school, however, this was quickly addressed when I spoke with our Cluster Glow mentor and I am very excited that he has been able to set up an area where I can host some videos of my primary 4 class talking about school life in Scotland.  The teachers in New Zealand can be given access to the area so they can share the information with their classes.

In preparation my class visited some of the teacher's class blogs which they were highly motivated by and immediately they began requesting "Can we have a blog?"  I would like to thank and acknowledge each of the teachers involved and am very much looking forward to this collaboration which I will be detailing here.

Year 1 blog - Riverdale School
Year 1 blog - Waiuku School
Year 3 blog - Meadowbank School
Year 4 Blog - Elm Park School
Year 4 blog - Botany Downs School


Belinda said...

Hi VF and welcome back to the blogosphere! It sounds like you have been very busy and I can't wait to hear all about it! What a great range of participants you've got. We have to get onto Skype and catch up. Seems like ages ....

PS I think that EPS blog is Year 4 only and Elm Park is two words :) But maybe I'm just being picky?

Ms F said...

Sorry Belinda, I have fixed that now! Woops! Yes it is very exciting to have a project of my own at long last that I can blog about. To be continued...