Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great ideas?!?

I have been lucky enough to attend two out of the 3 cluster share sessions for Year 0-2 and Year 3-4 and was amazed by some of the brilliant work going on in schools by teachers and the children in their classes. I have found a couple of really good Junior websites to add to everyone's list of favs apart from www.starfall.com which is a must there is www.primaryresources.co.uk which has great notebook files for smartboard users but also powerpoints for those with projectors and whiteboards and also worksheets in word and pdf format which can be downloaded in loads of different areas of the curriculum. I also like Pete's Powerpoint Station www.pppst.com/themes.html for downloading powerpoints or even just for ideas. Some things might be too hard or too easy but it can trigger your tired brian to think of how it could be used with your kids. And once it's downloaded you can change it to suit. However, this does mean investing in an external harddrive!
I am busy getting my first real class blog up and running this Term. I had one for a Term last year but didn't manage to do a lot. I am very excited about the learning possibilities. I have thought of some simple ways of integrating ICTs into my programme and I am going to try adding blogging into my writing rotation to begin with. So each week my top group will work with me to read our existing posts and form an appropriate comment orally which I will scribe for them and they will publish with the correct spelling. I am then going to expand this to visiting other blogs within our school and outside. I have found no other Year 0/1 blogs but have found some at Year 2 which my top readers may be able to manage. Then I may add reading blogs into my taskboard rotation when the children are familiar with what to do. Then hopefully I can extend this to my second writing group and perhaps the two groups will work with me every second week and work with a buddy on the alternate week with me checking their comments before they publish. Hmmm will get back to this blog with my findings. I am very excited, woops already said that!
Keen Bean :-)

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