Friday, July 17, 2009

My first solo presenting experience!

Wow! I just presented a 45 minute workshop yesterday at the Eastnet Cluster EXPO 2009! It was my first experience doing something like that and despite initially being a wee bit nervous I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I shared some hints and tips for integrating ICTs into classroom programmes with Year 0/1 level children and it went well. Luckily I presented during the first block of workshops which got it over and done with and I could enjoy the rest of the EXPO and concentrate on learning some new things. I would definately aim to do something similar the next time I present but then again perhaps I will take it more in my stride and not need to go first?! Who knows!

For anyone thinking about doing something like this I highly recommend it. It was a lot of work preparing the presentation and making handouts to support people but I was really grateful so many people attended my workshop and I received some positive feedback which was very kind. I have made contact with like minded people in other schools which I am very excited about and hopefully spread the word about the benefits of blogging with some children at this level.

My next challenge is to present at a conference like learning@schools or TUANZ. It was also a real privilege to meet Rachel Boyd and Susie Vesper and also catch up with Amanda and Belinda from Elm Park. I also want to ackowledge the efforts of my colleagues at Shelly Park who also presented as I think, in the words of another colleague, we did our school proud with all our efforts. Well done girlies!

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