Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Using Voicethread!

Well yesterday and today I used voicethread , linked to our current inquiry,with my class for the first time and found it excellent! The first time I did it I got a bit flustered because I hadn't set up all the children's identities so I did all the comments under mine! Today I had another go and managed to switch identities to give different children a chance to record their ideas under their own identity with a picture they chose themselves! It was very exciting but the children definately need some more practise. Some of them are getting the hang of speaking loudly but they are all speaking very quickly so it's difficult to understand them. I think they need more practise with presenting their oral sentences too. Not quite sure how I can get round this with Year 0/1 as I tried scribing for them and getting them to read their idea but unfortunately many are not confident readers so this isn't an option. And they come up with great ideas during the practise but then can't recall it for the recorded version! Perhaps I should just record each attempt and delete the ones that are no good?! Any ideas anyone!

Here are our first attempts! I highly recommend giving this a go it's a powerful and simple tool that can be adapted to many different purposes.

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