Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inquiry as a disposition

I was invited along with my friend KP to attend a senior staff meeting last week to discuss where we are at SPS regarding inquiry. We have decided to re-think doing a whole school theme next year and have some PD to further develop our understanding of inquiry and I am feeling very positive about this as it will hopefully allow me to increase my own understandings and allow the staff to take ownership of a worthy theme that we can explore in 2011. I have just been watching a video of an interview by Sharon Friesen on EDtalks which explores what I think about inquiry...

Now we just have to come up with some suitable themes that our students and staff can relate to and make sense of where there is an authentic purpose for inquiry!

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Belinda said...

Inquiry as a disposition - quite a mine field! The Edtalk clip you are talking about is great - really good content although not too fussed on the presenter style. Looking forward to working with you tomorrow so we can start nutting plans out for 2010 and beyond!