Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kid Pix Problems Continue

I worked with Belinda today and we still didn't manage to sort out our ongoing Kid Pix problems exporting slideshows to Quicktime and we actually discovered the additional problem of being unable to export pictures to jpeg format. While Googling problems exporting Kid Pix to Quicktime one of the hits was a link to my own post on this blog!

The problem was temporarily solved by taking screenshots of the pictures using Screenshot Studio which can be downloaded at and is a great free tool for PC users. Other options are possible for different prices but the free version works really well and is almost as good as the Mac alternative, or so I have been told!

And then importing into Photostory and then re-recording all the audio. Overall not the easiest way to share our work on a blog. Hopefully our Technician will be able to solve these problems perhaps re-installing the software on each individual PC might be the only option.

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