Monday, March 29, 2010

Hooked on thinking

This afternoon through into this evening we had whole school professional development with Pam Hook and Julie Mills. I found the session inspiring and it has got me thinking even more specifically about what we want children to learn, why are we doing this, what is the big understanding and what concept and contexts?????
More than anything I like the idea that SOLO taxonomy is a framework that helps children learn to learn and identify their next steps and the next steps of others and that as teachers we need to be doing deliberate acts of teaching. I am very excited to develop my knowledge and understanding further and have Pam and Julie assist us with our planning for our whole school. Julie had a look at our integrated inquiry plan for next Term and we have some ideas about revisions that we can make to improve the plan. We need to consider the learning intentions for each activity, which SOLO verbs are involved and which hot maps can be used to explore and increase understanding.
I found these photos of Pam and Julie on Google images because sadly Kathy and I forgot to take a photo of them working in our school today even although we had both thought about it, we got too caught up with what we were learning!

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Belinda said...

Ooooo, wish I could have been there!