Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book by Terry Freedman

I received an email which I read today from Belinda Johnston which contained a pdf of Web 2.0 Projects happening in schools. I was interested to see some work from Pt England School but am not surprised as I know they are doing exciting work in eLearning.
I have spent the past few hours opening links to blogs, wikis, weeblys and enjoying investigating work happening in different schools across the globe. I have tried out a few tools that I am keen to share with teachers in my school and readers of this blog.
http://eyeplorer.com/ is a very interesting tool. It is a graphical knowledge search engine which you can use without registering or else register to create your own!
I took a screenshot using Screenshot Studio of a search I did on Water which is one of the contexts for interdisciplinary learning and teaching this year:

I then registered and had a quick look at how to create:

While on youtube I found this video by Nik Peachey showing how he used EyePlorer which showed me how to use the tool in more detail!

Another neat search tool which shows results from different websites in a visual way is http://www.spezify.com/ but it mixes all media types - very effective but if using in the classroom you need to search first and check the results before sharing with the children just like http://www.wordle.net/ . I enjoyed doing a search for 'exponential' because that's a word that I think describes eLearning in education!

I re-watched a video clip I saw at ULearn in 2007 and have embedded the original that stuck in my mind at the time and which I return to, when I am thinking about whether I am doing all I can in my teaching to make the 'shift in thinking'. I discovered an updated video which is also included.

There is also a link to the video with UK statistics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNutcmyShW4
Another great online visual tool is http://www.visuwords.com/ which is a visual dictionary and thesaurus. This screenshot shows the results for exponential but also when you hover over each noun or verb an explanation, which is not shown here, appears.

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