Tuesday, April 27, 2010

eLearning Support in Classes

I Have been very busy for the past 2 days supporting teachers and children in their classrooms.  I am encouraging the teachers to plan independent work for their classes so they are available to work together with me and co-teach to develop their own skills and confidence using Kid Pix, Voicethread and the easi-speak microphone which are our focuses for this Term.  It has worked well in most rooms especially where the class Digikidz could be used to support.

Here is a voicethread created by room 4:

It is very similar to the voicethread rooms 11 and 4 made last week during book week with support from myself and Mrs P:

It is interesting how many teachers say repeatedly that they struggle to complete projects that have been started.  I suggest choosing a group, not the whole class, planning the project in parts e.g drawing the picture in Kid Pix the first day, scripting the story and recording it the next day.  Not introducing anything else for that group until the project is completed.  Although sometimes you do need to have a catch up morning to stay completely organised!

I have just wandered through the shared teaching area in Pod 1 and been so excited to see the teacher I worked with this morning continuing on using the skills she learned with other children in her class.  Then in Pod 2 I saw another colleague using Kid Pix in the same way as was demonstrated to her in her in-class support session yesterday.  It is just as rewarding seeing your colleagues achieve success as it is the children!  I am so proud of my team!


Miss Signal said...

Sounds like you are making a HUGE difference at your school and in your team. Well done, I know you will be working hard!!

Belinda said...

Isn't it cool when all your hard work starts paying off! When you start praising those teachers who are making the effort the others teachers may see their excuses are running out ...