Thursday, April 22, 2010

Continuing my delight with ActivInspire!

I decided today, after communicating with my colleague and friend Mrs P who I co-lead the eLearning team with, that I would prepare our upcoming presentation to our staff in an ActivInspire flipchart. I wanted to use as many of the tools/actions as possible to showcase the possibilities of the software to the staff who might not get the opportunity to attend training sessions. The online training at Promethean Planet is great and I happened across a brilliant site while doing a Google search which has helped me a lot today, however, I hope I get a lot faster at creating flipcharts as this one took me several hours and I'm not quite finished yet! The previous link goes to the magic ink section as this is what I have been wrestling with today! I cannot recommend the ActivInspire program enough it is absolutely brilliant and as an ex-Smartboard user I have quickly switched my alliegence to Inspire! Thanks Promethean! Click here to access excellent support materials. Here is a good blog with ideas for Activ. I would highly recommend downloading the Top Tips pdf.
Here is an introductory videos to help you get started:

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