Thursday, May 27, 2010

Descriptive writing using Photostory 3.0

I worked with each class in Year 0/1 this week to collate their photos, some but not all taken by the children themselves, into a slideshow and help them to record their descriptions of well known NZ treats.
I worked with a range of children.  The Digikidz were very confident and knew the success criteria for recording a story using a microphone (speak confidently with medium volume and speed).  The children who were new to school or who have not had an opportunity to use a microphone either with myself or their class teacher were much less confident and unsure about practising reading their writing until they knew it really well.  However, they were quickly able to identify what they could improve on after listening to their recording.  It was exciting that JB, LW, PJ and MK were able to record their audio perfectly the first time.  I don't think they actually needed my support at all! 

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