Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stop Motion Animation

As part of my preparation for working with the Digikidz this week I have been watching videos!  I really liked this video sourced from

I have found a collection of short animations by 9 year olds to share with the Digikidz as exemplars.  The plan is to view and then discuss the children's likes and dislikes about the animations so they can start think about what they might like to do with their own project.  I am then going to introduce them to the idea that they are going to include symbols in their animations with the purpose being to share these with English second language learners so they can understand the story without the audio.  We can then come up with a setting for each story.  After this we will work together to create storyboards, collect props and create the scenery.

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Mrs R said...

Love these Victoria. A great thing to do with the digikids. Last year my kids loved making the nursery rhyme ones using only simple technology but the amazing thing was the progression through story boards (feel free to check those out too with your kids on Debz Web) their reflections and interest were amazing. Good luck!